Would you know how to react if an active shooter/violent attacker came into your workplace? No one thinks it's going to happen to them, but the reality is that anyone could find themselves caught up in an active shooter situation.

Unfortunately, these extreme incidents have become more common recently and are a global phenomenon. We've learned a lot about active shooter incidents from some high-profile cases. Several elements are common:

 - The victims are usually selected at random.
 - A variety of weapons may be used, including firearms, explosives, and knives.
 - The attacks are unpredictable.
 - The situation evolves quickly and lasts only 12 minutes on average.

But rather than be paralyzed with fear of what could happen, you can take time now to consider what your options would be. By responding in the correct way to the unfolding situation, you could save lives, including your own.

Does your company or organization have an Emergency Action Plan?  EAPs are developed with input from HR, management, employees, and law enforcement or emergency responders. The purpose of these plans is to prepare for emergencies by facilitating and organizing actions to be taken in such circumstances. Well-developed EAPs can save lives and lead to fewer severe injuries, as well as reducing damage to facilities.

‚ÄčLet us guide your company in creating safe evacuation procedures and escape routes, floor plans, safe areas, and locations for cover or concealment. We will also guide you through the emergency notification system, who and how to alert various parties, such as individuals at remote locations within the premises, local law enforcement, and local area hospitals.

My name is Eric L. Matson, owner of Norsemen Training & Consulting Group, and we would like to help your company be prepared. We offer the following services:

 - Complete walk through and diagram facility
 - Prepare template for emergency action procedure
 - Assistance in establishing safe rally points, cover and hide in place
 - Review and instruction on Run, Hide, Fight, as recommended by Homeland Security
 - Scenario based table top exercises
 - Webinars
 - Location based courses