Are you searching for basic handgun, rifle skills, advanced personal defense or competition coaching, we provide quality trained instructors and coaches for your needs.

We also provide the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Course at our training facility, Windrock Shooting Range & Training Center.

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Workplace safety should be a top priority for all businesses. We provide on site training as well as webinars for you in reference to Active Shooter/Violent Attacker in the workplace.​

Training isn't expensive... it's PRICELESS!

Active Shooter/Violent Attacker training

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There is no one system that suits all people.  We believe it is crucial to tailor your instruction or coaching to you and what you are aiming for. We offer a Krav Maga based self defense to enhance our firearms training.

Our training has always had the mission of keeping people safe and part of that is helping you, your family or your employees know what to do in an emergency situation. While it is never pleasant to think about worst-case scenarios, it is vastly important to have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) in place.

Are you prepared?

First and foremost, being a Team Norsemen shooter is all about having great character. We look for individuals who are admirable both on and off of the shooting stage. Team Norsemen is currently over 50 competitive shooters strong. Including club and national competitors as well as National and World Champions.

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